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Introduction to the College of Social Sciences

Soon-Hee Whang
Dean of the College of Social Sciences
Professor of the Sociology Major


gakuruicho.jpgWelcome to the College of Social Sciences at the University of Tsukuba

Experience both Tokyo and the Science City
The University of Tsukuba can be reached from Tokyo's Akihabara in 45 minutes, allowing you to commute from Tokyo. Meanwhile, students from other parts of Japan can come live and study in the calm environment of Tsukuba Science City while having easy access to Tokyo. Tsukuba's convenience and independence allow our students to experience the reality of two different lifestyles, encouraging them to study social sciences through observation. 


Challenging Yourself at a Leading Global University in a Global City
Tsukuba has one of the largest concentrations of research centers in Japan, and is an intellectually stimulating city with scholars and scientists from around the world. The College of Social Sciences will begin an education program called Global 30, with plans to invite 300,000 students from abroad. Skilled teachers and ambitious students from many countries will be joining us, and an English-based educational system will be established. You can join us for your research in social sciences under this excellent international environment.


Small, Differentiated Courses and an Extensive Support System
The College of Social Sciences offers specialized courses in small classes, which is rare in other Japanese universities. New students attend the Freshman Seminar given by our lecturers, and educational, mental, and career development assistance is offered throughout your student life. 80 to 90 students enter the College each year, studying with help from a team of almost 40 teaching staff and assistance from the support office. We offer a very dedicated environment.


Strong in the Job Market, Excelling in Post-Graduate Research:
Combining Multi-Disciplinary and Specialized Courses

The current economic situation is called the worst in a hundred years, but our students at the College of Social Sciences continue to amaze me by finding employment in the companies of their choice. 70% of our students begin their professional careers after graduation, 20% go on to graduate school, and 10% pursue new qualifications or prepare for exams. Our students are confident even during recession, because of the College's unique course design. In the 1st and 2nd year, you will cover the various aspects of social sciences in a multi-disciplinary manner. In your 3rd year, you choose your field of major from Law, Sociology, Political Science, or Economics. In this way, you will discover the skills to succeed in international society and begin forming a career in the profession of your choice.

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